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Sparrowhawks again

By kinharviephoto, May 1 2016 11:07AM

I now have a hide set up on a plucking post and the sparrowhawk visiting our garden at the moment is using it reasonably regularly. In the image below you can see a couple of plucking areas and of course my hide in the background.

It's a very small canvas hide tucked in under a willow tree - not much room for the photographer. However the sparrowhawk has accepted it and as long as I am very careful about moving the camera he will continue to feed only a few feet in front of me. I feel very privileged to be allowed in to his world.

I have posted another image as April's 'Picture of the Month'.

May 2 2016 05:44AM by David Devonport

You have a great setup there Mick and you have got some great pictures already, looking forward to seeing them.

May 2 2016 06:58AM by Mick Durham

Thanks David. When the bird comes in it's great but he isn't all that reliable! Many hours spent waiting but that's wildlife photography for you.

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