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By kinharviephoto, Dec 3 2015 01:05PM

Another break in the weather and I managed a couple of hours in my hide in the garden. The birds were feeding all the time except when the female sparrowhawk flew through. She must be very hungry visiting regularly but not catching anything whilst I was out. Perhaps it's one of this year's birds and not very experienced.

The woodpeckers were visiting frequently and finally one perched momentarily just where I wanted it. I managed one shot which I was pleased with in that I got a well processed image straight out of the camera but I wasn't happy that I was just a little tight in the frame leaving no space below its tail.

Finally a red squirrel made an appearance but chose to feed on the ground rather than my lovely perch!! It didn't stay long and I only got a couple of shots.

The rain is now back and the hide put away again!

By kinharviephoto, Nov 10 2015 02:38PM

I have finally made a start on my new website. I am hoping that it will be considerably easier to edit and add material to this one than my previous website which will mean I can keep it up to date and much more interesting.

Having said that, with the weather we are experiencing at the moment I am not doing much photography. I created a new set up for the red squirrels in my garden, got them using it and set up my hide and then the rain started. Five days later I am still waiting for a chance to try it out!

At least with all this rain I can spend some time getting images on to the website. I have only loaded a few so far just to try it out but keep looking and I am sure I will get many more on in the near future.

here is an image of white-tailed eagles fighting just for a taste. This was taken last February in Hungary on a Shetland Wildlife trip. I will be back there in 2016 with another group of photographers. Can't wait!

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