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By kinharviephoto, Apr 6 2016 01:28PM

I started to get some shots of it flying in as I learnt to predict its flight path. Most were either not sharp or I didn't manage to get the whole bird in the frame. Slowly however I started to have more success.

This image shows the bird approaching the feeders but too slow - all the small birds have scattered.

We did get a brief fall of snow and although I failed to get anything dramatic I did manage a simple portrait shot.

The final shot in this blog is a composite made in photoshop. It shows a single burst of shots takien at about 11 frames per second as the sparrowhawk came flying through the feeder.

I did manage to get some shots of it chasing its prey and finally one shot of it capturing a coal tit. However that image has gone off to a competition so I won't be posting it here until after the judging has finished!

By kinharviephoto, Apr 6 2016 01:14PM

During the time I was photographing the squirrels I realised that an immature sparrowhawk was visiting the garden on a regular basis. It was trying to catch the small birds frequenting my feeders. It wasn't all that successful to begin with so was returning almost evfery 30 minutes. Consequently I turned my attention to trying to photograph it in flight and - hopefully catching something.

Some success but facing the wrong way!

By kinharviephoto, Dec 3 2015 01:05PM

Another break in the weather and I managed a couple of hours in my hide in the garden. The birds were feeding all the time except when the female sparrowhawk flew through. She must be very hungry visiting regularly but not catching anything whilst I was out. Perhaps it's one of this year's birds and not very experienced.

The woodpeckers were visiting frequently and finally one perched momentarily just where I wanted it. I managed one shot which I was pleased with in that I got a well processed image straight out of the camera but I wasn't happy that I was just a little tight in the frame leaving no space below its tail.

Finally a red squirrel made an appearance but chose to feed on the ground rather than my lovely perch!! It didn't stay long and I only got a couple of shots.

The rain is now back and the hide put away again!

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