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Gannets  Morus bassanus

Gannet 2.jpg

Gannets are one of my favourite sea birds. Standing in amongst a gannet colony is an unforgettable experience and I have spent hours just watching them flying backwards and forwards to their nest ledges.


Photographng them can be quite challenging but great fun as well.


Many of these images were all taken at various locations on Shetland - others on the Saltee islands off the south-east cost of Ireland.


Gannet 14.jpg
Gannet 9.jpg
Gannet 11.jpg
Gannet 8.jpg
Gannet 15.jpg
Gannet 16.jpg
Gannet 10.jpg
Gannet 1.jpg
Gannet 12.jpg
Gannet 3.jpg
Gannet 6.jpg
Gannet 7.jpg
Gannet 5.jpg
Gannet 13.jpg
Gannet 4.jpg
Gannet 17.jpg
Gannet 18.jpg
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