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Small Tortoiseshell

Butterflies - the first early flights tell us that Spring is in the air. As we see more and more species on the wing we know that Summer has truly arrived.Their fascinating life cycle, the amazing variety of wing patterns and their dancing flight make them a very special part of our rich wildlife.

Most of these images have been taken using a Nikon D850 and either a Nikon 105mm macro or a Sigma 180mm macro lens. 

Orange Tip on cuckoo flower.jpg
Green hairstreak.jpg
male Orange Tip.jpg
Buterfly 5.jpg
Buterfly 4.jpg
Common Blue.jpg
Butterfly 6.jpg
Small Copper.jpg
Orange Tip.jpg
Buterfly 2.jpg
Buterfly 3.jpg
Buterfly 7.jpg
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